Mastic Surface Treatment

Quick and tough, Axys Mastic Surface Treatment  treatment combines the durability you want from a pavement maintenance application with the environmental sensitivity that your stakeholders value.

Nu Rock continually strives to manufacture the latest pavement preservation technology, resulting in a better asphalt maintenance solution for you. Designed and backed Ingevity, a company devoted to research and development, Axys protects your investment, minimizes your future maintenance treatments and gets traffic back on your pavement, or parking area, quickly.

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Speed To Open

Axys mastic surface treatment has been engineered to develop early strength with shortened, predictable dry times. Using Axys minimizes the cost of downtime with faster drying and return to traffic for your parking lots.

Polymer Loaded

Axys has significantly higher loadings of unique polymers and catalysts that deliver the long-term performance you demand. Axys has over 8% polymers compared to the industry standard of 1%.

Engineered Toughness

Axys is manufactured in a central plant for increased quality control. Axys is applied without dilution and high loadings of unique polymers and catalysts deliver long term performance.


Axys is consistently black and formulated to reduce UV light damage to the pavement through science. Additionally, the black color of Axys provides significant contrast to striping for added safety of parking lot users.