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We are committed to utilizing new innovative ideas to help ensure the maximum longevity of your asphalt pavement.

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We continually strives to identify and evaluate new products and their application for our customers.

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We are dedicated to providing the best solutions, giving our customers a decisive advantage in their asphalt maintenance.

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Nū Rock Asphalt Coatings is an innovative manufacturer of asphalt preservation products and asphalt emulsions which includes ONYX®, AXYS®, chip seal, slurry seal, surface seal, and micro-surface. All our products and services meet municipal and commercial specifications.

Nū Rock began as a way to have total control over the manufacturing process, to ensure a high level of quality asphalt seal coats and emulsions for contractors.

Our mission is to advance technologies and processes to help agency roadway infrastructure perform better, and last longer.

Let Nū Rock Asphalt Coatings show you the way to improved durability, faster applications, and more cost effective performance.